Course Information
Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management (RH401)
Association Certification
Upon request
4 days- every Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu
  • An RHCE certification or equivalent experience

  • Students without an RHCE certification are encouraged to check their experience levels by taking a free online skills assessment at

  • Note: a current RHCE is required to take the EX401 exam or enroll in a version of this course that includes the exam (RH402).

Course Content
  • Efficient team-based management of large-scale systems--before, during, and after deployment
  • Installation and administration of Red Hat Network Satellite
  • Building custom RPM packages
  • Using Subversion to make changes to scripts
  • RHN Satellite organizations, users, and roles
  • Managing changes with revision control software
  • Managing software with Red Hat Network, including software channels and errata
  • Construction of custom RPM packages
  • Reporting and automation with Red Hat Network programming API
  • Deploying configuration files using Red Hat Network
  • Bare-metal provisioning with PXE
Course Objective

Experienced system administrators will learn how to implement and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux® deployments efficiently and effectively, in ways that make their systems manageable by a team of administrators. Central to this course is training on the use of the Red Hat Network Satellite Server for deployment and provisioning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. By the end of this course, students will have built their own RPM packages and will have used Subversion to make changes to scripts.

Course Outline

Install a Red Hat Network Satellite Server

Install a Red Hat Network Satellite Server and populate it with software channel content.

Manage changes with revision control

Deploy a Subversion repository and have multiple administrators use it to manage changes to configuration files and shell scripts.

Configure a Red Hat Network client

Register client systems with a RHN Satellite server, both interactively and with automation, and troubleshoot registration problems.

Manage Red Hat Network software

Create and manage custom software channels, cloned software channels, and errata notifications with a RHN Satellite server.

Build RPMs

Build and sign RPM packages that can be deployed by a RHN Satellite server.

Use the RHN application programmer interface

Modify and write simple scripts that will interact with a RHN Satellite server with its API.

Provision with Kickstart

Use RHN Satellite, with Cobbler, to create and manage a bare-metal provisioning environment.

Manage a virtual machine

Manage and provision kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) guests using RHN Satellite.

Administer RHN Satellite Server

Manage the embedded database, entitlement certificates, and export software channels from a RHN Satellite server.

Who should attend
  • Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for the planning, deployment, and management of multiple physical or virtualized server.

  • A Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) interested in earning a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise or a Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS) or Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) credential.

Contact: 3571-7711