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FP-ESS - -Fast Lane
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FirePass - v6.x (FP-ESS)


Who Should Attend


This course is intended for security and network administrators responsible for install, setup, configuration, and administration of the FirePass Controller.


Course Certifications


This course is part of the following Certifications:
Fast Lane None



Participants should understand:

  • Common Security and Network terminology
  • TCP/IP Addressing, Routing and Internetworking concepts
  • Security Authorization and Authentication concepts
  • Common elements of WAN and LAN environments

In addition, participants should be proficient with:

  • Basic PC operation and application skills, including operating a CD drive, keyboard, mouse and Windows OS
  • Basic Web Browser operation (Internet Explorer is used in class)


Course Objectives

This three-day course provides security and network professionals with a functional understanding of the FirePass  Controller. The course includes installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting on a FirePass system. Lectures, demonstrations, hands-on labs and discussions will be incorporated.


By course completion, the student should be able to perform an initial configuration of the FirePass Controller and build many common configurations on the FirePass system using the Graphical User Interface (browser based). Additionally, the student should be able to monitor, administer, and perform basic troubleshooting tasks on traffic processed by the FirePass Controller



Course Content

  • Installation and setup of the FirePass server
  • Network Access Using the SSL VPN
  • Security Access, Authentication and Authorization
  • Portal Access to Web Sites, Network File Shares and e-Mail
  • Application Access (Telnet to Unix and Mainframe Hosts and Terminal Services)
  • Server and Client SSL Certificates setup
  • End-point security and client policy checking
  • Failover and Clustering
  • Administration and Lab Projects



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