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CEP7XLHC - -Fast Lane
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Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x: Legal Hold and Collection (CEP7XLHC)


Who Should Attend


This course is for customers, support engineers, consultants, and partners who need to maintain and use the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform.


Course Certifications


This course is part of the following Certifications:
Fast Lane None



There are no required prerequisites. To get the most out of the training session, however, Symantec strongly suggests that you have a basic understanding of electronic discovery and the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. If you are new to electronic discovery or Clearwell, Symantec recommends the following options to facilitate a more effective experience:
 View a Flash demo as well as read about Clearwell at www.clearwellsystems.com.
 Contact your Symantec representative to arrange a short demonstration.
 Review the Clearwell Reviewer QuickStart Guide, Case Administrator Guide, or other Clearwell reference materials (contact your Symantec representative or Training Services contact for copies).
 View online training and general information about electronic discovery at www.edrm.net.

This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a working environment.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
 Set up and send Legal Hold Notices.
 Manage Legal Holds.
 Perform identification and collection of electronic items for discovery.
 Manage identification and collections.
 Work with Enterprise Vault “Hold in Place”.


Course Content

The Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x: Legal Hold and Collection course is designed for the network, IT security, systems administration, and support professional tasked with configuring and maintaining a Clearwell environment. This class covers the major functionalities of the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform as well as best practices for managing eDiscovery projects in Clearwell, including Legal Hold, Hold notices Collections, Collection Sets, and so on.

Legal Hold and Collection (LHC)
Lesson 1: Introduction to Clearwell
 Legal Discovery and EDRM overview
 Clearwell appliance overview
 Clearwell application installation overview
 Clearwell login and UI fundamentals
 High-level workflows with Clearwell
Lesson 2: Legal Hold and Hold Notices
 Overview of legal hold
 Importing and managing custodians
 Creating and sending hold notices
 Hands-on labs:
 Create Legal Holds
 Send System Admin Notice
 Send Custodian Notice
Lesson 3: Customizing Notices and Managing
 Customizing notice language and surveys
 Managing custodian confirmations
 Hands-on labs:
 Customize Hold Notice Language
 Create survey questions
 Respond to hold notices and surveys
 Create templates
 Customize reminders and escalations
Lesson 4: Legal Hold Management and Tracking
 Legal hold tracking and release
 Setup and maintenance activities
 Hands-on labs:
 Track Legal Holds
 Release Legal Holds
 Manage Legal Holds
 Review Legal Hold Reports
Lesson 5: Identification and Collection Fundamentals
 Overview of identification and collection
 Source and Active Directory discovery
 Hands-on labs:
 Perform Active Directory and Enterprise
Vault discovery
 Create Source Accounts
 Create Sources
 Create Destinations
Lesson 6: Collections and Collection Tasks
 Creating collections
 Filtering data and assigning custodians
 Enterprise Vault Hold-in-Place (EV Holds)
 Hands-on labs:
 Create Collection Tasks
 Filter Collections
 Assign custodians
 Create, schedule, and view statistics; and
release EV Hold in Place
Lesson 7: OnSite Collections and Collection Sets
 OnSite collections overview and workflow
 Preparing and running OnSite Collector
 Creating collection sets and adding to case
 Hands-on labs:
 Create an OnSite Collection
 Create a Collection Set
 Evaluate Collection Set
 Add Collection Set to Case
Lesson 8: Collection Reporting and Maintenance
 Collection reporting capabilities
 IC backup, user roles, licensing
 Hands-on labs:
 Export Collection Report
 Basic troubleshooting



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